Back pain and massage therapy

If you have lived with back pain, you are in good company.

Our biped structure almost guarantees that at some point our backs will ‘give out on us’.

The vertical stacking of the spine relies partly on soft tissue – muscles and ligaments – to keep it aligned.

What is your slouch style?  Hunched over a keyboard? Listing to one side, supported by an elbow and hand on the side of your head?

Your usual posture uses muscles that pull on the spine. Too much tension in a particular group of muscles leads to the spine being pulled out of its optimal position, creating misalignment.  Overtime the back muscles ‘give out’, letting you  know loud and clear that they are overworked and under appreciated.

A massage therapy treatment focused on back pain helps to bring greater balance to the push and pull of muscles, relieving discomfort and helping your spine settle into better alignment.

Treat your back well, the rest will follow.

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