Benefits of hot weather aka reasons to skip your massage

During the steamy month of July there is no need to race out to your massage therapist.  Some of the many benefits of massage can be achieved by simply staying put.

Heat makes you lethargic.   Massage encourages relaxation. Check! One of the goals of massage is reached by lounging in your yard.

Heat is dehydrating.  Drinking plenty of liquid is essential to feeling well during heat waves.  When was the last time you successfully drank a glass of water while getting a massage?  Exactly.  Skip the treatment, stay home and hydrate.

Loss of fluids due to heat-induced sweating can bring on a headache.  Massage therapy is an excellent way to manage headaches, provided they are the result of tight muscles.  Hot weather headaches are a category of their own and require rest, cooling and lots of liquids.

Finally, swelling of the hands and feet when overheated is a common reaction.  Lymphatic drainage techniques during a massage can definitely help with this, as can cooling your body and lying with your feet raised.

Take the easy way out.  Stay at home and relax.

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