A massive muscle with a small but important job

The latissimus dorsi aka ‘lats’ fans from the back of the hip bone (ilium), along the bottom half of the spine, the last 3 or 4 ribs and finally ends up attached to the upper arm.  All this real estate and so little function.  The lats main job is to move the arm back and towards the body as well as rounding the shoulder inwards.

Skating and low back pain

Skating can be a leisurely activity yet still leave you with muscle aches. Most skaters use the muscles on the back and outside of their hips and legs.  The gluteal muscles are heavily involved as well.  Combine this with a slightly forward posture and the resulting back ache is no surprise.

Walking in the winter

Wading through knee-high snow, dragging your feet in wet slush or bracing yourself on icy sidewalks are unavoidable winter workouts. Your muscles and joints are working hard to lift, pull and brace as you walk through snow and avoid falls.