Massage as we age

“Age, eh?” After turning 50 so  many conversations start this way.  Two simple words, so many meanings and the context ensures there is no doubt what is the reference.  If you know what this refers to then you are part of a club that puts you on a level playing ground with others who have aches and pains that no longer disappear after a good night’s sleep.

Dry brushing.

An easy way to slough off winter Get smoother, glowing skin. Calm your mood. Provide gentle stimulation of the lymphatic system. A few minutes a day of dry brushing can achieve all of the above. Special care is required to ensure that lymph fluid is not moved towards the area in which lymph nodes have been surgically removed. The best effects of dry brushing are achieved when the natural flow of lymph is followed. Gentle circular movements of the dry brush starting: Near the heart Descend down the arm to the finger tips, then back up to the heart. Repeat on the other arm. Top of the torso to the belly button and back up to the heart area. Below the belly button to the top of the legs. Top of the leg to the toes and back up. Repeat on the other leg. Under your chin and down your…

Focus on unwinding your stress

Stress can be compared to the effects of water on  rock; the more stress we have and the longer it is with us, the deeper are the marks it leaves on us.  Stress is more than feeling overwhelmed and agitated.  It is a physiological response that starts a cascade of  changes, many of which wear us down over time.  Massage therapy can help to counteract the effects of stress and provide renewed energy.

Winter’s comforts

Keeping warm can be a challenge during frigid winters. Our typical response is to turn up the heat.  There are ways of increasing your body’s heat without getting off the couch. Start with warming your feet and head to encourage heat to stay in your body. Nobody needs to know you wear socks and a hat at home. Continue with warming foods….soups, stews, teas made with cinnamon and ginger.  Hot chocolate made with dark chocolate offers your body anti-oxidants, fibre and a dose of feeling spoiled. Hot packs made with flax or oat are easy to heat in the microwave and can be worn as you move about the house.  Rock salt (inexpensive at the pharmacy) can be heated in the oven, poured into a pillow case and used to warm your feet, abdomen or tired shoulders and neck. Oversized, cozy blankets are perfect to insulate your body and keep…