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Not all muscle tension is created equal.

            First, there is the muscle tension created by how we move, or don’t move. Then there is the muscle tension generated by the emotions we carry day and night.         The build-up of both types of muscle tension is slow and insidious. Although we live everyday with the way we move and the way we feel, we are often unaware of their effects. Our bodies try to alert us, however we ignore the early warning aches and pains. Increasing awareness of the slow-but-sure increase in muscle tension can help us to stop the progression by either changing our habits or getting treatment that will reverse the gradual rise in patterns that lead to pain.   Regular massage therapy can help to relieve both physical and emotional tension as well as heighten your awareness of when, where and why your aches and…

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Massage therapy for binge watchers

Binge watching is engrossing, hard to put down….just one more episode.  We lose track of time, but our bodies are keeping the score. Your preferred couch potato posture will start to show up in a sore neck, aching between the shoulder blades, stiff hips. Let’s face it, none of us are going to give up this guilty pleasure. So how can we survive the cold months slouched on the couch?