Massage therapy for seasonal allergies

Allergy season is here.     Although there may be no easy cure for allergies, there are some options that can help decrease symptoms of congestion, sinus pain and difficulty breathing. Massage therapy offers two unique treatment modalities to help you deal with the misery of allergy season.  Allergy medications and avoiding the outdoors are  two ways to manager allergy symptoms.  Why not try these manual therapy approaches to relief of allergy symptoms?


Tension headaches and massage therapy

Most tension headaches are caused by trigger points. These knots or mini-spasms cause pain to travel in predictable patterns to different areas of the body, often nowhere near the tight area. X marks the trigger point. The red areas show the pain pattern related to the trigger point.


Massage therapy and cancer: rest and restore

Cancer has a way of taking over your life. From the first inkling that something isn’t right to diagnosis to the long journey that includes digesting masses of information and embarking on a treatment plan, cancer becomes a full-time, very stressful job.  Massage therapy can be integrated into the your cancer care,     providing a time to rest and restore.