Can massage make you a better dog owner?

As unlikely as this claim seems, think about what makes your dog happy.

Long walks, a well thrown ball.

Next, consider what is at the human end of the leash. Long walks require a dog owner that has strong legs, a back that doesn’t ache and shoulders than can withstand the constant pull of an enthusiastic dog.

Ball throwing depends on one arm and shoulder that can continue to play despite repetitive strains.

And how does massage fit into this plan?

Many dog owners seek massage therapy to relieve tension in muscles and tendons that are overworked from walking, resisting leash pulling and tossing a ball far enough for their dog to get a good run. The twice-daily ritual of dog walking and playing take their toll, often resulting in strained shoulders and back muscles.

Keeping yourself in good working order is a gift you can give your pet.

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