Caretaker burnout and massage therapy

If you are a caretaker you are constantly tired for good reason.

Parents of growing children, adults taking care of aging parents and family or friends who accompany a loved one through illness are all caretakers.  The role requires careful and continuous vigilance to ensure the health and safety of the person under your care.

This vigilance is fatiguing.  There may be few or no breaks in which to recoup your energy.  You may not have the support you need to fill your many roles.

On top of this, a crisis can arise with no warning.  Falls and illnesses are unexpected and cannot be scheduled in advance.

You are the pillar and you need to be strong.

Rest is an essential component of ensuring that you maintain your own health and energy.

Restorative massage therapy is a simple and effective way to bring your body and mind into a deeply relaxed state from which you emerge with renewed vitality.

Book yourself a one hour massage.  It is a small investment of time that will reap benefits as you continue in your role as caretaker.

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