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Massage and cancer: Is it safe?

Massage therapy after a cancer diagnosis as well as during and after treatment is safe providing your massage therapist is aware of and practices in a manner that takes into consideration a range of precautions. “Just a relaxation massage” can be so much more. A physically safe and calm environment, a skilled and knowledgeable therapist and clear parameters lay the foundation for a massage that can help access greater calm and clarity.  This in turn serves you well as you process information about cancer, treatment options and adapt to the multiple changes the diagnosis will bring. A design study undertaken at a cancer centre showed that “massage, along with reiki and yoga, helped decrease stress and anxiety, improve mood and enhance overall health and quality of life” for 150 cancer patients. (Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, 2016) “No pain no gain.”    Pain during a massage treatment is an indication of…


Massage therapy and cancer: rest and restore

Cancer has a way of taking over your life. From the first inkling that something isn’t right to diagnosis to the long journey that includes digesting masses of information and embarking on a treatment plan, cancer becomes a full-time, very stressful job.  Massage therapy can be integrated into the your cancer care,     providing a time to rest and restore.