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If you’re getting enough sleep, you can skip reading this post. Chances are the rest and rejuvenation required to meet the energy needs of your day is elusive. Sleep hygiene, habits and practices that are conducive to sleeping well on a regular basis, is the latest in things that we should all be doing every day.  However, the mere thought of adding one more ‘must do’ to the list can be exhausting. Still, without a solid 7-8 hours to restore energy, over time sleep depletion starts to show itself in  irritability, forgetfulness, headaches and even depressed mood. Ironically, a body and mind that don’t know how to slow down can result in insomnia. After a while, something has to give. There are no guaranteed tricks to getting a good night’s sleep.  The first step though can be as simple as acknowledging that restorative sleep is as essential as good food…

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Massage as we age

“Age, eh?” After turning 50 so  many conversations start this way.  Two simple words, so many meanings and the context ensures there is no doubt what is the reference.  If you know what this refers to then you are part of a club that puts you on a level playing ground with others who have aches and pains that no longer disappear after a good night’s sleep.

pain between shoulder blades

Pain between the shoulder blades

Wherever your arms go, your shoulder blades go.  Given that our arms only work well in front of our bodies, the resulting rounded shoulders and forward-straining neck causes muscles between the shoulder blades to stretch and strain. That’s the long story.  The short story is aching and stabbing  pain around and under our shoulder blades that often shoots into the neck or down the arm. Help is at hand. Self-treatment of painful muscles is easily achieved with a tennis ball against the wall. or a focused massage therapy treatment can release pain-causing trigger points and get you back to full functioning. ][