Massage therapy for seasonal allergies

Allergy season is here.     Although there may be no easy cure for allergies, there are some options that can help decrease symptoms of congestion, sinus pain and difficulty breathing. Massage therapy offers two unique treatment modalities to help you deal with the misery of allergy season.  Allergy medications and avoiding the outdoors are  two ways to manager allergy symptoms.  Why not try these manual therapy approaches to relief of allergy symptoms?


Does your stomach rumble during a massage?

Stomach rumblings during a massage.   There is no better sound to be heard . Whether your treatment goals are to treat an injury, manage headaches or decrease stress, relaxation is an integral part of massage. As the nervous system calms and muscles unclench, blood flow improves and compression on nerves lessens. Even your organs respond to massage. The rest and digest part of relaxation means that the gastrointestinal tract functions with greater ease. The rumblings emanating from your belly are a sure sign that your body is giving up its vigilance and entering a more restful state. Think of the rumblings as thunderous applause for the care you are taking of your body. Enjoy your massage! relax Focus Massage Therapy/563 Gladstone Ave., Ottawa/