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Conditions treated

Focus Massage Therapy specializes in personalized treatments by listening to your symptoms in order to understand the causes of your aches and pains. Using a collaborative approach that combines your goals with my experience and knowledge,  a treatment plan is created aimed at recovery and maintenance of optimal health.  Ottawa massage therapy clinic for cancer care, pre-and post surgery treatments.

Headaches and migraines

Migraines & Headache massage therapy

Tension headaches: Tight muscles in the shoulders, neck and jaw often contribute to the pain of tension headaches. Massage therapy treatment focused on releasing muscles and trigger points can relieve and prevent this type of head pain.

Sinus headaches: Congestion from colds and allergies can bring on a nagging sinus headache. A combination of lymphatic drainage, craniosacral therapy and light cupping reduces the build-up of fluid that creates discomfort associated with sinus headaches.

Migraine headaches: Massage therapy addresses the throbbing pain and nausea associated with migraine headaches. A variety of techniques are used to reduce muscle tension and alleviate tightness in intra-cranial membranes resulting in pain reduction.

Focus Massage Therapy treats headaches using a range of techniques to provide pain relief and prevent headache reoccurence.

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Back Pain

Back Pain - Massage Therapy

Back pain affects most people at some point in their lives and can limit an active, enjoyable life. The shooting, aching and throbbing muscle tension that characterizes back pain is brought on by both activity (heavy lifting, work outs) and inactivity (sitting for long periods of time).

Sciatica, herniated discs, tight muscles, trigger points and posture are all contributors to back pain.

Massage therapy focuses on addressing muscle imbalances, trigger points and fascial restrictions to ease pain and help you return to moving with ease.

Relief from back pain is close at hand at Focus Massage Therapy.  Read more about back pain and sciatic nerve compression


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Cancer care/oncology massage

Cancer - Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can be an integral part of your care as you go through treatment for cancer. Skilled touch and careful listening ensure a safe and effective massage as you experience surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.

Janet Penny, RMT has received advanced training in and has extensive experience providing massage therapy for people living with cancer.

Surgical scars can be treated to reduce restrictions that limit movement and cause pain.

Radiation treatments for cancer often result in dense, immobile tissue. Inhibited lymph flow and reduced mobility occur. A focused massage treatment significantly reduces the fibrosis created by radiation, ensuring better circulation of lymph and improved movement.

Chemotherapy may bring with it nausea, ‘chemo brain fog’ and loss of appetite. Another common side-effect is tingling, numbness and swelling in the hands and feet. Massage to the arms and legs can have a direct impact on reducing the neuropathic pain symptoms.

Massage therapy for breast cancer encompasses all of the above benefits, as well as specifically addressing cording (axillary web syndrome).

Relief from the side effects of cancer treatment is available at Focus Massage Therapy.

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Pregnancy/prenatal massage

Pregnancy massage  is a wonderful way to help your body adapt to the many changes it is undergoing.  Whether to ease aches and pain, address specific issues such as sciatic pain or to reduce minor edema, massage therapy can help throughout the many months of waiting for your baby to be born.

Once your baby is born there are many changes to your lifestyle and relationships. For both new mothers and fathers, a relaxing massage can be an excellent antidote to the stress that may accompany new roles.

Massage therapy can also address the challenges of breast feeding that may include muscle strain and breast congestion.

Focus Massage Therapy offers pregnancy massage using specially designed pillows to support your changing body.

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Repetitive strain injuries

Work - Massage Therapy

Marathon hours in front of a computer often results in an ache between the shoulder blades, sore lower back, stiff hips, wrist and hand pain and a neck that feels like it can’t support your head.

Focused massage treatments can help to counteract the effect of the sustained posture held during long work days bent over a desk.

Return to your desk feeling lighter and more energetic, ready to get back to work.

Repetitive strain injuries and discomfort from sitting for long periods of time can be effectively treated at Focus Massage Therapy.   Read more about RSIs on our blog.


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Sports / Active Living

Sport - Massage Therapy

Athletes and everyone living an active life build-up muscle tension during physical activity. Repeated use of the same muscles leads to strains, muscle pain, adhesions and swelling that can be effectively treated with massage therapy.

Preventing injuries is also important: Massage helps to keep muscles supple and less prone to wear and tear. Good nutrition, hydration and regular stretching are also integral to keeping muscles healthy and ready for use.

Focus Massage Therapy offers sports massage to help keep you active.


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Stress - Massage Therapy

Chronic stress has been linked to sleep problems, headaches, digestive difficulties, pounding heart, depression, anxiety and a wide range of other physical and emotional symptoms.

Massage is relaxing and restorative, allowing both the body and mind to reset to a calmer, more optimal state of functioning.

Treatments to address the build-up of stress are not just a luxury. They enhance health and well-being, enabling you to maintain an active lifestyle.

Focus Massage Therapy offers treatments to rest, restore and regain the energy needed for your busy life.  More than just a luxury, massage therapy stands alongside good nutrition and rest to enhance your health.

Clenching hands, hips and your jaw is a common reaction to stress.  Read more about how clenching affects your body.

Read about some quick fixes for a stressed body and mind.

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Other conditions treated at Focus Massage Therapy

Focus Massage Therapy offers a wide range of treatment options for a variety of conditions including:

Scar rehabilitation

Pre and post surgery massage

Pain management

Anxiety and depression 

Repetitive strain injuries


Plantar fasciitis

Shoulders – rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder

TMJ dysfunction and jaw pain


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