Dry brushing.

An easy way to slough off winter

Get smoother, glowing skin.

Calm your mood.

Provide gentle stimulation of the lymphatic system.

A few minutes a day of dry brushing can achieve all of the above.

Special care is required to ensure that lymph fluid is not moved towards the area in which lymph nodes have been surgically removed.

The best effects of dry brushing are achieved when the natural flow of lymph is blog 59 dry-brush-strokes1followed.

Gentle circular movements of the dry brush starting:

  • Near the heart
  • Descend down the arm to the finger tips, then back up to the heart. Repeat on the other arm.
  • Top of the torso to the belly button and back up to the heart area.
  • Below the belly button to the top of the legs.
  • Top of the leg to the toes and back up. Repeat on the other leg.
  • Under your chin and down your chest.


A dry brush is inexpensive, readily available at most pharmacies or health food stores and will last a life time.

If you’re not sure how to do this, have a look at an online video that demonstrates the ease and simplicity of dry brushing.

Happy spring!


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