Eye glasses and your neck: Is there really a connection?

Progressive eye glasses are popular and handy with their 3 in 1 lenses for distance, computer work and reading.

Progressive they are not when it comes to their effect on your neck.

A single lense that is approximately 1.5 x 1.5 inches is a small frame in which to hold enough variations to meet all of your vision needs.

progressive glasses and neckIn order to read with progressives, your eyes must find a tiny area in which to best focus on the script in front of you.  This narrow range of vision forces your neck into a precise, unchanging position that is often held for hours.  The same goes for the midrange of progressives required to easily read a computer screen.

The subsequent kink in neck muscles is hard to get rid of with a few head rolls and shoulder shrugs.  Headaches, stiffness and pain are hallmark signs that your neck may be suffering from progressive eye wear.

If you regularly wear   progressive glasses your neck will require some extra care and attention to maintain its suppleness and pain-free state.  Regular exercise, taking hourly breaks and a focused massage will help to restore full mobility to your neck, upper back and shoulders.

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