Tired is relieved with rest. Fatigue hangs on whether or not we take time off, sleep more or improve attention to nutrition and exercise.

There are so many reasons for persistent fatigue. The worse case scenario is that it is a sign of an underlying condition. Exploring this with your medical practitioner can rule out, or rule in, whether or not you need medical help.

All being well, there is no serious cause to your fatigue. Yet, it lingers and takes up too much of your precious energy.

Persistent stress and unending busyness puts an incredible strain on the nervous system, muscles and immune system. After a while, we just can’t maintain the pace.

A long term problem needs a long term solution. But that doesn’t mean that changes can’t be felt in the short term. Taking an audit of all that keeps you busy and knocking a few of the “to do’s” off the list and, this is the really tough part, not filling up the empty spaces with more activity. A little space and time in the midst of everything that actually does need doing can be the start of reducing fatigue and increasing your enjoyment of day to day life.

(And, a massage won’t hurt as you learn to turn down the dial on endless activity and turn up the dial on restoring your energy).

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