Massage therapy and cancer – treatment for surgical scars.

Have you had pain,
decreased mobility, numbness
or tingling after surgery?

Your body is well adapted to heal from surgery.  A scar is created as new tissue is laid down to close the surgical incision.

Scars are strong and somewhat inflexible for a reason – they are holding things together.  You don’t want anything to get between you and a functional scar.

Scar formation, however, can sometimes lead to unwanted side effects.

How does your scar look?  Scars can be uneven and deeper in one part than another. The visible effect is not always pleasing.

Do you have pain around your scar?  Nerve damage or decreased blood flow caused by the scar formation may cause pain.

Is  your scar numb?  Again, surgery affects nerves leading to lack of sensation.

Is there decreased movement in the area of the scar?  Tissue rebuilding occurs not just at the site of the incision but in the surrounding area as well.  The increased density can result in stiffening and decreased movement.

Massage therapy for scars is effective in
treating the secondary effects of scar formation.
Gentle, regular treatments soften dense tissue,
creating a more mobile, less visible scar.

The result is better mobility, less pain and
decreased numbness or tingling.


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