Massage cupping

Here is your chance to look like a professional athlete.

Cupping treatments can leave recognizable red circles, letting you know who gets cupping and who doesn’t. They show up on Olympic athletes and others routinely followed by paparazzi.

What is behind these red marks and why would you want them?

Dry cupping uses a hand-held suction pump to place cups in an area of the body where there is congestion or tight muscles. The suction creates a negative space, allowing for blood and lymph to move into the area. Improved blood and lymph flow are essential for healthy tissues.

The cups can be left on the area for several minutes, or can be glided along tense muscles.

The results are immediate.

Massage cupping releases tight muscles and fascia and can be helpful in relieving congestion due to asthma, allergies or a cold. Cupping therapy is an invaluable tool in treating scar tissue and radiation fibrosis resulting from cancer treatments. The end result is less stiffness and greater ease of movement.

Focus Massage Therapy specializes in cupping massage, why not give it a try?

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