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Massage for the masses

Massage therapy is no longer limited to an hour of pampering in a spa. The therapy part of massage has come a long way, evolving to address many physical problems that come with activity, inactivity and changes to the body as it moves through the life cycle.

Children and teenagers are increasingly turning to massage therapy to manage the effects of competitive sports, long hours with hand held devices and increasing levels of anxiety and depression. Treatment focused massage can address all of these issues by lowering muscle tension while easing the body and mind into a more tranquil state.

Adults seeking massage therapy do so for a wide variety of reasons. Computer athletes often suffer from sore necks, aching lower backs and fatigued forearm muscles characteristic of long hours in front of a computer. Bodies adapt to habitual postures and need some assistance to loosen up. Active adults benefit from regular massage to prevent injury by keeping muscles supple. ‘Rest is medicine’ can be the mantra of anyone looking for a way to deal with stress. Massage encourages a state of deep relaxation that benefits both mind and body.

Accumulated stress and strains start to show up in the older person’s body. Aging can be accompanied by aches and pains, many of which can be lessened with regular activity and massage therapy treatments that respect the changes brought on by a lifetime of living.

Massage therapy is proving to be an important part of integrative health care that addresses specific illnesses and conditions. Arthritis, disc degeneration, repetitive strain injuries and the effects of cancer treatments can all be eased with treatment-focused massage therapy.

Massage therapy no longer has to be a guilty pleasure but can stand alongside good nutrition and exercise as part of a holistic way of caring for your health.

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