Massage therapy for gardeners

If the end results of a beautiful flower garden or productive vegetable patch are anything to go by, gardening is a relaxing undertaking.

Then why, in spring and early summer, do so many dedicated gardeners show up for massage?

There are two simple answers:  posture and repetitive strain.

Leaning, torquing to the right or left and lifting are the perfect recipe to strain the low back.  This part of the body likes things done a certain way and if you don’t oblige, it lets you know. Pain and muscle spasm in the hips and low back can be so severe that they force inactivity, a state that no gardener wants to even consider.

Weeding, cutting and planting require a hunched over position and repetitive use of the muscles of the forearms and hands.  The resulting strain typically shows up in the elbows, wrists and fingers.

Maintenance and prevention are the keys to maintaining a body that can handle the demands of gardening. Take a few moments to:

Stretch your muscles. If you have spent a few hours bent forward, bend backwards to lengthen the contracted muscles

A hot bath at the end of the day can soften muscles and prepare you for the next round of gardening.

Massage addresses overworked muscles to prevent strain and pain from settling in.

A little attention to your  body early in the season can keep it tuned up and ready to work.

Enjoy your garden!

massage therapy for sore muscles, available in downtown Ottawa’s Centretown neighbourhood

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massage therapy in downtown Ottawa 563 Gladstone Ave., Focus Massage Therapy

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