Massage therapy for seasonal allergies

Allergy season is here.  


Although there may be no easy cure for allergies, there are some options that can help decrease symptoms of congestion, sinus pain and difficulty breathing. Massage therapy offers two unique treatment modalities to help you deal with the misery of allergy season.

 Allergy medications and avoiding the outdoors are  two ways to manager allergy symptoms.  Why not try these manual therapy approaches to relief of allergy symptoms?

Fighting for breath through congested lungs leaves you tired. Your body feels as though it is not getting enough oxygen. The use of cupping on the chest can quickly alleviate congestion, making it easier to inhale deeply and exhale fully.

Painless yet deep reaching, cupping is effective because it lifts the many layers of soft tissue – skin, muscle and fascia. The space created between these layers allows for freer flow of blood and lymph: Cupping creates fluid movement to loosen congestion in the lungs.

Lymphatic Drainage
Allergy treatment using lymphatic drainage focuses on treating the upper chest, neck and face. The lightness of touch belies the strength of this modality which quickly results in decreased sinus congestion, ease of breathing and relief of sinus headaches.

The results of cupping and lymphatic drainage are immediate and won’t leave you drowsy or alone inside during gorgeous Spring weather.

        This spring, treat yourself to relief from allergies.

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