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Scar treatment

Massage therapy is a gentle way to soften scar tissue that limits movement, causes pain and contributes to swelling.  As well, massage is effective in improving the appearance of scars from surgery, accidents or burns.

Janet Penny, RMT has advanced training and extensive experience in traumatic scar tissue management.

Massage for scars is covered in more detailed on the blog.

massage for scars at Focus Massage Therapy

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Relaxation massage : rest and restore

There can be no underestimating the benefits of allowing your body and mind to rest and restore.

Massage to rest is an increasingly popular treatment to address chronic stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia. Restorative massage treats your body and mind in order to get back to the active life you enjoy.

Relaxation massage at Focus Massage Therapy offers you the chance to slow down in order to regain your energy. Restorative massage is more than just a luxury.  Enjoy!r

Read more on our blog about the benefits of restorative massage.

massage for busy people

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Lymphatic drainage therapy

Lymphatic drainage therapy is a gentle, rhythmic manual therapy aimed at reducing short term and chronic fluid build-up, as well as to stimulate the immune system.

This deeply relaxing modality is used to treat edema, swelling after a strain or sprain, ease sinus congestion, address generalized inflammation and to provide an immune boost.  Lymphatic drainage therapy is effective in treating post-surgery swelling.

Focus Massage Therapy offers lymphatic drainage to address specific issues and for deep relaxation.

Lymphatic drainage therapy is offered to  treat edema.

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Cupping massage

Cupping massage increases blood flow to areas of deep restriction. 

Reducing adhesions in the layers of muscle and fascia provides deep and long-lasting results for many chronic conditions such as tendinitis, deep muscle tension and immobile scars.

Cupping massage is a specialty at Focus Massage Therapy.

Read the blog post about cupping to learn more.

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Craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a light touch, non-invasive modality that affects the body by reducing restrictions in the deep fascial system surrounding the brain and spinal cord. Long-lasting change can be achieved by reducing tension on the nerves that affect all aspects of our body’s functioning.

Therapeutic benefits of craniosacral therapy include treatment of headaches, long standing physical ailments, anxiety, fatigue and many recurring symptoms.

Craniosacral therapy at Focus Massage Therapy is a unique approach to addressing both new and long-standing issues.

Read more on the craniosacral therapy blog post.

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Massage Therapy and Cancer/Oncology massage

Janet Penny, RMT has received advanced training in massage and cancer care.

Massage therapy can be an integral part of your care as you go through treatment for cancer. Skilled touch and careful listening can ensure a safe and effective massage as you experience surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. Massage therapy is effective in addressing:

  • pre-surgery anxiety and fear
  • post-surgical swelling and mobility-limiting scar restrictions
  • radiation induced thickening of the skin, fascia and muscles that limit movement and can contribute to edema
  • Chemotherapy effects such as nausea, fatigue and peripheral neuropathy

Click below to read more about massage therapy and cancer on the Focus Massage Therapy blog.

massage therapy and cancer: rest and restore

massage and cancer: treatment for surgical scars

Massage therapy offers effective treatment to help manage the effects of cancer treatments.

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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage includes everything from deep tissue work to relaxation massage. The goal is to reduce tension in muscles, joints and fascia.

With greater ease of movement and decreased pain, swedish massage is beneficial in treating headaches, repetitive strain injuries, scar adhesions and general muscle tension.

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