Tension headaches and massage therapy

Most tension headaches are caused by trigger points. These knots or mini-spasms cause pain to travel in predictable patterns to different areas of the body, often nowhere near the tight area.

X marks the trigger point.

The red areas show the pain pattern related to the trigger point.

A trained massage therapist will ask about the location of your headache pain.  This information can then be used to map  back to the pain-inducing trigger point.  It is a connect-the-dots use of signs and symptoms in order to plan an effective, headache-relieving massage therapy treatment.

As the muscles containing trigger points are treated, your headache pain may be temporarily recreated.  This is a sure sign that the massage therapist is focusing on the right areas in order to relieve, and possibly prevent a reoccurrence of, your head pain.

The nagging pain of a tension headache doesn’t have to be suffered for long.  Relief is available in the hands of your massage therapist.

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