What do massage therapy and summer-time rib festivals have in common?

Given that massage therapy focuses on soft tissue, what impact could it have on the ribs?

Read on for the finer details that will make the connection.

The ribcage has two vital functions.



The first is to protect vital organs such as the heart, lungs and part of the liver.





ribcage muscles

The second is to expand with each inhalation.




Breathe in.

If you raise your shoulders each time you breathe in, then your rib cage has limited movement and does not allow for a full breath.  The vital function of expansion is reduced by unyielding muscles.

The unobtrusive muscles that act on the rib cage do not usually stop us in our tracks with symptoms such as pain and immobility. Instead they slowly, over a long period of time, inhibit deep and restorative breaths.

As part of a regular massage, a rib treatment focuses on the muscles between, above and below the ribs.  It is gentle, non-invasive and extremely effective in easing the breath and relaxing the entire body.

Stiff shoulders, low back tension and a generalized sense of anxiety can be relieved by regaining the ability to breathe with depth and ease.







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