Winter’s comforts

Keeping warm can be a challenge during frigid winters. Our typical response is to turn up the heat.  There are ways of increasing your body’s heat without getting off the couch.

Start with warming your feet and head to encourage heat to stay in your body. Nobody needs to know you wear socks and a hat at home.

Continue with warming foods….soups, stews, teas made with cinnamon and ginger.  Hot chocolate made with dark chocolate offers your body anti-oxidants, fibre and a dose of feeling spoiled.

Hot packs made with flax or oat are easy to heat in the microwave and can be worn as you move about the house.  Rock salt (inexpensive at the pharmacy) can be heated in the oven, poured into a pillow case and used to warm your feet, abdomen or tired shoulders and neck.

Oversized, cozy blankets are perfect to insulate your body and keep drafts away.

With any luck your local massage therapist has a heated table where your achey muscles can get some relief.

No need to suffer the winter chill, stay comfortable, stay warm.

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