caretaker fatigue

Caretaker burnout and massage therapy

If you are a caretaker you are constantly tired for good reason. Parents of growing children, adults taking care of aging parents and family or friends who accompany a loved one through illness are all caretakers.  The role requires careful and continuous vigilance to ensure the health and safety of the person under your care.


Massage therapy during pregnancy and after your baby is born

  Massage is a wonderful way to help your growing body adapt to the many changes that occur during pregnancy.  Whether for comfort, to ease aches and pains, to address a specific issue such as sciatic pain or to reduce minor edema, massage therapy can help throughout the many months of waiting for your baby to be born. Once your baby is born there are many changes to your lifestyle and relationships.  For both new mothers and fathers, a relaxing massage can be an excellent antidote to the stress that may accompany your new roles. Breast feeding brings its’ own challenges.  Massage therapy addresses muscle fatigue and strain that results from the sustained posture required to feed your baby.  Gentle breast massage along with warm and cool compresses is effective in reducing breast engorgement and congestion, making it easier for both you and your baby to enjoy feeding. Wishing you…


Low back pain can bring you to your knees

If there is one muscle that commands respect, it is the quadratus lumborum. The paired QLs stand like sentinels to the left and right of the lower spine. They are the guy wires that help to keep us standing upright. Their most important and under acknowledged task is to act as brakes as we ceaselessly lean forward. Think of the amount of time you lean towards whatever job is at hand.  Without the quadratus lumborum braking this forward motion, your body would flop forward. How do you know that these muscles are reaching the end of their rope?