Low back pain can bring you to your knees

If there is one muscle that commands respect, it is the quadratus lumborum. The paired QLs stand like sentinels to the left and right of the lower spine. They are the guy wires that help to keep us standing upright. Their most important and under acknowledged task is to act as brakes as we ceaselessly lean forward. Think of the amount of time you lean towards whatever job is at hand.  Without the quadratus lumborum braking this forward motion, your body would flop forward. How do you know that these muscles are reaching the end of their rope?


Massage cupping

Here is your chance to look like a professional athlete. Cupping treatments can leave recognizable red circles, letting you know who gets cupping and who doesn’t. They show up on Olympic athletes and others routinely followed by paparazzi. What is behind these red marks and why would you want them?


Tension headaches and massage therapy

Most tension headaches are caused by trigger points. These knots or mini-spasms cause pain to travel in predictable patterns to different areas of the body, often nowhere near the tight area. X marks the trigger point. The red areas show the pain pattern related to the trigger point.