Cancer - Massage Therapy

Cancer care/oncology massage

Massage therapy can be an integral part of your care as you go through treatment for cancer. Skilled touch and careful listening ensure a safe and effective massage as you experience surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.

Janet Penny, RMT has received advanced training in and has extensive experience providing massage therapy for people living with cancer.

Surgical scars can be treated to reduce restrictions that limit movement and cause pain.

Radiation treatments for cancer often result in dense, immobile tissue. Inhibited lymph flow and reduced mobility occur. A focused massage treatment significantly reduces the fibrosis created by radiation, ensuring better circulation of lymph and improved movement.

Chemotherapy may bring with it nausea, ‘chemo brain fog’ and loss of appetite. Another common side-effect is tingling, numbness and swelling in the hands and feet. Massage to the arms and legs can have a direct impact on reducing the neuropathic pain symptoms.

Massage therapy for breast cancer encompasses all of the above benefits, as well as specifically addressing cording (axillary web syndrome).

Relief from the side effects of cancer treatment is available at Focus Massage Therapy.

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