Degenerative Disc Disease: A condition eased by massage therapy

Degenerative discs are in fact a condition, not a disease.

Discs are  shock absorbers that cushion each vertebrae; they dry out and get worn down over the decades.

A diagnosis of degenerative disc disease  (DDD) can be a shock.  A future of pain and disability comes barrelling towards the recipient of this unwelcome news.

A diagnostic MRI follows symptoms such as a ‘giving out’ sensation, muscle spasms and sharp or stabbing radiating pain.

A degenerating disc can create misalignment in the vertebrae, which the body reads  as spinal instability.  Housed within the vertebral canal is the spinal cord.  A threat to the spinal cord creates alarm which in turn causes the muscles to tighten.

A degenerating disc can also place stress on a nerve causing electric shock-like pain.

Soft tissue specialists such as massage therapists take an approach to painful symptoms that, although not curative, can go a long way to improve quality of life.

Muscles working overtime to support the spine are vulnerable to trigger points and spasms.  Focused treatment  can lessen these painful secondary effects of DDD. Strengthening muscles is also important to support the spine, reducing the sense of alarm generated by unstable vertebrae.

Don’t let a diagnosis of DDD reduce you to fear-filled immobility.  A skilled massage therapist can help to bring relief so that pain does not become your new normal.

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