Do reindeer need massage?

Santa’s reindeer seem to enjoy running madly around the world at Christmas time.  A quick survey of colleagues, friend and families suggest that humans find it a little less amusing.

Still, it is the time of year when obligations outweigh energy.  The result is a deficit of wellbeing.  Too much food, not enough sleep.

Rest is the antidote.

Sneak it in.  A short nap here, a solitary walk there.

Start conversations by extolling the virtues of mental health days off work and regular massage.

You will be the envy of all.  “Who is that person who dares to rest during the holidays and take care of themselves during the year?”

Just don’t expect to be respected right away.  There will be derogatory murmurs that you are lazy or burned out.  Ignore them.  Keep at it.

Before long, you will be emulated.

You are a hero!

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