Easy new year’s resolution: Try Massage

The beginning of a new year is a great time to set your sites on resolutions.  The easier they are to do, the better are your chances of successfully integrating the changes into your life.

Here’s an easy resolution:  “Try massage!”

It doesn’t require too much effort.  Book an appointment, show up and lie down on a comfortable massage table, often warmed to take away the sting of a cold winter’s day.

An experienced massage therapist will quickly assess where you hold your tensions and what injuries have stuck around in your body. Focused massage treatments help to reduce aches and pains, and maintain healthy muscle tone that better resists the many demands we place on our bodies.

Headaches, repetitive strain injuries, pain, anxiety, sleep problems – the list is long – can all be addressed with massage therapy.  Your therapist will know what they can treat, and what needs to be referred to another health care professional.

Make your life easy in this new year, set an achievable resolution.  Enjoy your massage!

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