Massage therapy for binge watchers

Binge watching is engrossing, hard to put down….just one more episode.  We lose track of time, but our bodies are keeping the score.

Your preferred couch potato posture will start to show up in a sore neck, aching between the shoulder blades, stiff hips.

Let’s face it, none of us are going to give up this guilty pleasure. So how can we survive the cold months slouched on the couch?

Variety is the key.  Moving your lap top from one side to another, raising and lowering it will force your body to shift in order to continue watching.  The change of positions will help your body maintain some suppleness.

There is no need to change your watching habits, only a few changes to how-you-watch habits will make the difference between a chronically sore neck and unimpeded binge viewing pleasure.

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