Sick day from school – better than a massage

Whether your experience wanting a sick day is from being a child yourself or from parenting your own children, the story doesn’t change.

“I have a sore tummy/I’m going to throw up/I don’t feel well/I’m REALLY sick/I can’t go to school.”

Before the school bus has pulled away, all of the child’s symptoms are gone.  Time to play!

How did children learn so early that this charade of being ‘sick’ is the only way to take a day or a few away from the demands of daily life?

The possibility of rewriting this script is always present.  The reactions of others won’t necessarily be encouraging – raised eyebrows, skeptical expressions, and a slight sniff that suggests that you are (the worst of all possible things) under motivated to be perpetually busy.

“I can’t go to work today, I really need a day to loaf around and catch up on me.”

“There is a movie I want to see and I absolutely LOVE that feeling of stolen time, alone in the cinema.”

You get the picture.  Instead of the tried and true “I’m sick” or “I’m stressed and need a massage”, messages that everyone understands, stand up for your childish rights to simply take some time for yourself.

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