The crunch on core strengthening.

If core strengthening brings this to mind….. core strengthening cartoon





….in the hopes of getting this.

core strengthening cartoon abs







…then you’re reading the wrong blog.

Core stabilization is the ultimate, though not necessarily visible, goal.

Deep abdominal muscles act as a girdle.  When strengthened enough to stabilize, these muscles safeguard against excessive low back strain.  They also help to take the demand off our shoulders which often take on the unasked for job of holding us up.

If you have to ask whether or not your core is sufficiently strengthened to stabilize, then the answer is probably “No.”

The good news is that the solution is not to don workout clothes and take a rip-roaring ab class.

Very simple, focused exercises are all that is needed.  A skilled pilates teacher can help you set up a daily program to stabilize your core enough to ward off pain and time lost doing the things you love to do.

Be well!

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